September is Sickle Cell Anemia Awareness Month!

by Curtis Baker on 9/15/13 | Posted in: JOBA, Sickle Cell Disease

September is Sickle Cell Anemia Awareness Month! Those affected with this blood disease are predominantly Black Americans. There are numerous celebrities and noteworthy individuals who suffers, or care for someone with the disease. Throughout the month, there will be various fundraisers and events across the nation. Read on to view a list of our favorite events and organizations. Continue >

Lesser of Two Evils

by Curtis Baker on 7/15/13 | Posted in: Community, JOBA

If anything, the Zimmerman verdict is chocked full of politics and its inherent ability to live with a “lesser of two evils”. I won’t speculate which juror understood this and put it in motion a plan to sway their peers. (A simple task given the jury make-up.) I would like to think had one Black person been on this jury; it’s a hung one. But that didn’t happen, so whats next? Continue >

Have You Forgotten Hip Hop?

by Curtis Baker on 11/20/11 | Posted in: Community, Soap Box

This holiday season has me buying more music than ever before! The likes of Drake, Wale, and J.Cole have me feeling hip hop again! Yet, I believe there is still an underrepresented story the medium has yet to tell. It’s that of the Black Family. I ask you, just because we become adults and take on our responsibilities, should we forget hip hop? Does the Black Family fit? Continue >

International Freedom Awards 20th Anniversary

by Paige Taylor on 10/3/11 | Posted in: Community, Guest Blogger

Do you need something to be a part of in Memphis, TN next month? Well, here is an event you may enjoy! The 2011 Freedom Awards will be taking place this year in Memphis’ own Cannon Center for the Performing Arts on November 12. The occasion will mark the 20th anniversary for the annual celebration at the National Civil Rights Museum. Continue >

CCoM October: Coleman A Young, Detroit MI

by Curtis Baker on 10/1/11 | Posted in: Community, JOBA

This months community center takes us to the motor city of Detroit, MI! C.A. Young Community Center is located in northeast Detroit. The center has been serving the community for nearly 30 years and is named after the city’s 1st African American mayor and outspoken politician, Coleman A. Young. If you are ever in between Vernor and Lafayette, take a minute to visit the center and volunteer to help!